Comprehensive, accessible, caring service

A non-insurance solution that fits your Biblical values

A health care solution that brings glory to God

Who We Are

A community of committed Christians have found a way to align their Biblical faith with their health care decisions.

samaritan-ministriesThe Health Co-Op is a Christian alternative to health insurance, providing a community-centric, affordable, full service solution. With Christian Health Care Sharing by Samaritan Ministries and Member Benefits addressing the cost and accessibility of health care options, you can be sure you, your family, your organization and your employees will be supportedĀ and fulfilled by The Health Co-Op.

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How We Help

Personal Member Advisor

A dedicated Advisor addresses day-to-day health care issues.

Health Care Sharing

by Samaritan Ministries

Members share in one another’s medical bills, encourage, and pray for one another.


Physicians are on call to help resolve routine medical issues.

Surgery Cost Saver

An expert Advisor obtains real-time cost, quality, and availability for non-emergency procedures.

Medical Bill Negotiation

Our skilled staff will negotiate balances on your medical bills.

Discount Health Benefits

Discounts on important services are provided to members and their families.

Christian Counseling

All counselors are licensed through the National Christian Counselors Association.

Chaplaincy Service

On-staff Chaplains spend time with members on the phone.

Learn More about The Health Co-Op

FAQs Pricing & Signup