How One Christian School Rescued Their Budget By Joining The Health Co-Op

Back in February of 2014 I received an email from a friend who is an administrator at a Christian school in Texas.  He was giving a “State of the School” report.

One line caught my attention.  It said: “While God has blessed the school financially, we need to look for ways to keep our expenses in check”.

I viewed that as a providential invitation to reach out to him and ask him if he might like to find a way to not just keep expenses in check, but also to provide a much better health care experience, all the while living out a biblical mandate to “bear one another’s burdens”.

I had an email back in minutes (3 of them to be exact).

A few weeks later I spent an hour describing what The Health Co-Op is, that it blends the best-in-class health care sharing of Samaritan Ministries, with a set of benefits that we have learned people want from their health care experience.

I shared my personal and family experience, described how the value of The Health Co-Op is in more than just the savings, but in the experience.

I highlighted the personal Advisors available at the Co-Op, and the savings on prescriptions, access to Telemedicine, as well as access to the Aetna Dental Access® Discount network.  I talked about the fact that there are no networks to be concerned about.

He told me that the escalating cost of health insurance for his school was one of his real worries going forward.  It was a variable that could keep the school from growing to its potential.

Just a few hours after that March meeting, he wrote me again to say that, by his rough and quick calculations, the cost of The Health Co-Op would represent a 40% savings over what their 2014 health insurance costs were.

In the summer of 2014, we finished the process of getting eligible school staff on-boarded to The Health Co-Op.  In the process the impact on the school’s future changed….drastically.


Because the school had received notice that if they stayed with their existing high-deductible, network restricted insurance plan, their 2015 costs were going way way up.

This is a story we think every Christian school should hear.  Being good stewards of the resources God provides means we constantly evaluate how we budget and spend what He provides.


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