Review – The $elf Pay Patient

It’s the topic everyone is talking about.

News and talk shows, magazine articles, blogs. The discussions about the new health care law are endless.

To the person on the street, everything seems to be changing on an almost daily basis. How can the ordinary person begin to understand all the ramifications of the Affordable Care Act? What is a person to do when, even though they have health insurance, they are potentially facing high medical bills that are not addressed by their plan?

Where can the person on the street go for help?

The Self-Pay Patient: Affordable Healthcare Choices in the Age of Obamacare by Sean Parnell is a great resource for those who want/need to pay directly for their own healthcare.

Some people with a high deductible plan end up having to pay thousands of dollars in co-pays and deductibles. Are there other options for them or ways they can get discounted services? Or maybe they have seen a doctor out-of-network, or for some reason their condition is not addressed by their health insurance. What are they to do?

The Self Pay Patient also explains some of the self-pay alternatives that are offered outside of the conventional insurance model. Although most people are unaware of them, these alternatives comply with the law in such a way that those who use them satisfy the Affordable Care Act’s requirement that your have insurance or pay a penalty-tax.

Written in an easy-to-understand format, The Self-Pay Patient looks at other options to traditional insurance. One of the options that Parnell discusses is the Christian healthcare sharing model that The Health Co-Op uses as the basis of its product. We know from experience how well this works and how much people are able to save by using it.

The book is full of practical advice—for example, where can a self-pay patient find medical providers at a discounted price? How can they avoid the higher costs that self-pay patients are often charged? How can they get treatment that is not addressed by their insurance?

The book examines how being a self-pay patient can be a valid and affordable option available within the Affordable Care Act.

If you are interested in saving money on your healthcare costs—and who isn’t these days—then this is a book well worth investing in!

Dr. Felicity Dale  |  @felicitydale

Dr. Felicity Dale was born and brought up in the UK. On her first day of medical school at the Royal and Ancient Hospital of St. Bartholomew (Barts–founded in 1123 to put American history in perspective), she met my husband, Tony, and it was almost love at first sight! They married three years later. Four children followed. Then nine beautiful grandchildren too. Felicity enjoys reading, walking, working out (she’s a (modified!) P90X fan) and writing. Her passion is the Kingdom of God.

This passion led Felicity from planting churches with Tony to beginning her blog Simply Church to writing several books. Her latest project, The Black Swan Effect, looks at the topic of women in the church from three standpoints: rom the viewpoints of mission, scriptures and justice, and seeks to provide some solutions for both men and women who want to see women fulfilling their destiny within the church.

  • Eric Potter MD

    Keep up the great work. I hope to spread this book’s message around and infect as many as possible with the truth.