Self-Pay Power: the value of paying cash for medical treatment

It is no secret that paying cash for big-ticket items like a new car puts money back in your pocket, but what if the same could be said for your healthcare needs? Whether it’s time for your annual check up or you need to see a dentist, offering to pay cash up front can save you stress and money. Not only does paying cash take the stress away but it will potentially cost you less than if you waited for the bill to show up in the mail weeks later.

Samaritan Ministries recently conducted an interview with Sean Parnell of The Self Pay Patient regarding the changing self-pay landscape for members just like you. As the above demonstrates, being self-pay empowers you, the patient, to not only save money, but to have more freedom in the providers and facilities you choose.

For more information on the benefits of being a self-pay patient and for direct resources, read the full interview.

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