Sharing Burdens, Sharing Prayers

It isn’t uncommon for us to hear people explain why they cannot come over to a better way to health care through Health Care Sharing.

They usually fear that something bad will happen to them or a loved one and the cost will be so high that their medical need will ruin them financially.  They also believe that the insurance product they have will pay for any and all of those events and shield them from significant financial impact in the event of a catastrophic medical event. These hesitations don’t take into account the potential of out-of-network costs.

Recently, we talked with a leader of a mission agency.  The purpose of our call was to discuss how The Health Co-Op could make a huge difference for their ministry.  We have yet to see a ministry that couldn’t reduce their health care costs by 40% to 60%.  And we offer a solution for individuals and groups that align with Biblical values, something insurance can’t claim.

In the middle of the call the agency leader opened up about one of those scary financial situations you may experience in the health care world.  Two years ago he and his wife hit one of the scariest of events.

His wife gave birth to twins, prematurely.  They were confronted with decisions that were life or death.  There was no time to determine in-network or out-of-network, covered or not covered.  They had to decide, and fast.

The mission agency leader said that, even with the deductibles for in-network limited to a somewhat reasonable amount, he and his wife were stuck with $120,000 in of out-of-network cost.  Their insurance gave them no help with that.

During the call, we shared that had the mission agency leader been a member of The Health Co-Op, his out-of-pocket for the entire event, including the unexpected costs related to the premature birth of the little ones, could have only been $300.00.

When we said that there was silence on the other end of the call.

“I’m laying here in the fetal position”, quipped the mission agency leader.

The truth is that when you have insurance what you really have is a contract to do certain things, to pay for certain procedures at certain facilities with certain providers.

What you don’t have is certainty.

If you trip up on a single part of an emergency or receive a service from a provider not within the system of the insurance company, you are utterly alone.

But that is never ever the case with membership in The Health Co-Op.

From the savings and high-touch service available to you via member benefits to the experience of getting help from an experienced health care navigator, to the experience of having your medical burdens shared by members of Samaritan Ministries (every Co-Op member is also a member of Samaritan Ministries), you will never bear the burden of the health care system alone.

That mission agency leader?  Had he been in The Health Co-Op he would have discovered that he and his family would have had like-minded believers sharing the burden of the cost of what his insurance company wouldn’t pay.  He wouldn’t have been alone.

But beyond that, had that family been in the Co-Op, there would have been a network of prayer support for them as they dealt with the challenges of their little ones. You see, members of Samaritan Ministries don’t just send a check to those who have needs shared, they are asked to send a note of prayer.

It’s a genuine network, but of a spiritual nature, and one more profound and powerful than insurance could provide.

For more information about how you, your family, your church or your ministry can align your health care decision with your values, contact us.

Thad Puckett |  The Health Co-Op