Telemedicine – Saving Your Group Time and Money

A recent Employee Benefit News article, What is the actual cost of an employee’s doctor visit?, examined the known and many hidden costs of doctor visits – not only to the individual but to their employer.

Depending on the visit type, amount of time spent away, provider used and other factors, the article found that these visits could total hundreds of dollars for the employee and their employer.

But, what if you could provide your employees an option that would not only save your organization time and money but would provide high-touch, expert service to your employee in turn saving them money and time as well? That’s a possibility with The Health Co-Op!

With The Health Co-Op, most members have access to Telemedicine through Teladoc providing 24/7/365 access to a board-certified physician. This service provides on-call doctors available to help resolve routine medical issues by phone or online. If your employee is considering a trip to the emergency room, urgent care center, minute clinic or just cannot wait to get scheduled for a doctor’s office visit for a non-emergency issue, they can use Teladoc to access quality medical care saving time and money.

An employee at an organization that provides Health Co-Op membership to its employees, began feeling ill just before Christmas. With family in town, the employee didn’t have the time or budget for a lengthy doctor visit. Instead, they called Teladoc and, in under 10-minutes reviewed their symptoms with a physician and received a prescription. That employee was able to retrieve their prescription without missing work and was feeling better in time for Christmas celebrations with their family.

If you are looking for an affordable health care solution for the employees at your Church, Christian business or Christian school, look no further than The Health Co-Op. Telemedicine is just one of the many time and cost-saving features that will make this full-service solution the right fit for your group.

Questions about custom group solutions from The Health Co-Op? Contact us today!