White Glove Group Experience – Your Healthcare Solution

Recently I flew to the Colorado Springs area to meet with a prospective client. I was very excited to go, not only to share The Health Co-Op Group Solution with an organization that desperately needed it, but also to escape the Texas heat; if only for a week!

When I arrived things couldn’t have been more picturesque. Sun and mid-seventy’s dominated the forecast for the duration of my visit, but no time to stop and smell the roses on this trip. I quickly made it to my hotel, settled in and prepared for my meeting the next day.

As the meeting got underway I could feel a sense of excitement in the air. The group I was addressing had been burdened for too long with high insurance premiums and was facing another rate increase.

I explained The Health Co-Op and how we build a custom, full-service solution for faith-based groups that aligns their health care decisions with their Biblical faith. This option would satisfy the Employer Mandate of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and could save their organization around 60% compared to their present health insurance plan all while, most importantly, offering a non-insurance health care solution that brings glory to God.

I could almost hear the sighs of relief echo around the room.

After 30 or so informative minutes, I opened my presentation up for questions.

They were fearless.

They held nothing back.

They were hungry for information and I was happy to give it to them!

We addressed every thing from HSA contribution rates to pre-existing conditions and when the dust settled I think everyone in the room was ready to abandon the perceived security of health insurance and embrace Health Care Sharing and The Health Co-Op group solution.

As I am writing this we are near the group’s elected start date and over the course of the last month I have been able to work hand in hand with the group’s Human Resources Director.

This group onboard has been especially fun as they are a non-profit mission sending agency and a considerable portion of their applicants are working overseas in remote areas.

This posed its own set of challenges trying to collect applications and get things signed, a thoughtless process we take for granted with a comfortable level of technology.

In the end, The Health Co-Op was able to provide relief where it was desperately needed. We delivered a fully compliant group health care solution with superior benefit that works internationally, and were able to do so at a cost savings of nearly 60%, allowing their organization to be good stewards with the funds God has blessed them with.

I am very excited to see the positive impact that one group can have on the world when their primary focus is on missions and not the burden of health insurance premium.

Could your church or organization benefit from The Health Co-Op group solution? Find out more today!