Saving Money on Imaging: A Win-Win

Mark*, a Texas pastor, had a child needing to see a doctor for an ongoing medical issue. As a member of The Health Co-Op he knew he could chose any physician he wanted. The doctor ordered an MRI to help with the diagnosis, and he set up Mark to take … Read More

Save Money on Doctor’s Visits

Cindy*, a Health Co-Op member for only a few weeks, remembered we encouraged her to contact us before any doctor visit to see if The Health Co-Op can help her handle these visits in a more cost effective way. Just a few short hours before the visit with her two … Read More

Reduce Your Prescription Costs

Ben*, an employee of a company who joined The Health Co-Op, had $2,000 per month in maintenance prescription costs. How could The Health Co-Op help this member? The company quickly saw that, as a small team, they were saving around $5,000 per month by switching to The Health Co-Op. They … Read More

Save Money on Surgeries

Jerry* was told he needed a hernia repair. The Health Co-Op’s Surgery Cost Saver program, a Health Co-Op member benefit, went to work on his behalf. We found that the cost at the hospital the surgeon suggested for the surgery would be $16,000 in addition to the surgeon’s bill. Surgery Cost … Read More

Telemedicine – Saving Time and Money

I’m happy to share my experience with The Health Co-Op. I have four children (wasn’t brave enough to have a fifth!) who are very involved athletically. I was previously with a health insurance group plan and switched to The Health Co-Op about a year ago. I feel The Health Co-Op … Read More

Dental Discounts for You and Your Family!

We love hearing how our members are using and enjoying their Health Co-Op services. One member wrote us recently about his experience with Aetna Dental Access®, hear his experience in his own words below. My family continues to enjoy the very significant benefits of Aetna Dental Access® through The Health … Read More

My Pregnancy Story

We love babies here at The Health Co-Op. We also love hearing how your membership helped during those stressed and blissful times from pregnancy, through birth to new mommy-hood! One member recently wrote a blog post for us chronicling her member experience while pregnant with her second child: “My husband … Read More

One Member’s Cancer Story

The word “cancer” can be overwhelming and scary. One member heard that terrifying six-letter word last year. That member wrote a comprehensive blog post on his cancer journey from diagnosis, to surgery to recovery all while The Health Co-Op was there for him from start to finish: “Now, past age … Read More

The Savings on this One Question Will Pay for the Whole Year !!

Recently Health Co-Op member Amy* needed some lab work done for a non-routine matter.  She sent a quick email to “” which opened a case for her here. She was contacted by a personal advisor from The Health Co-Op and had the information she requested provided to her in less … Read More