One Member’s Cancer Story

The word “cancer” can be overwhelming and scary. One member heard that terrifying six-letter word last year. That member wrote a comprehensive blog post on his cancer journey from diagnosis, to surgery to recovery all while The Health Co-Op was there for him from start to finish:

“Now, past age 50, and minus 5 spots on my bald head (where my dermatologist removed 5 Basel Cell Carcinomas), I am my family’s leading proponent of sunscreen and hats!  I literally never leave the house (in daylight) without a good hat and plenty of sunscreen.

I mentioned above that I am blessed.  I am.

As a member of The Health Co-Op, I was also blessed to be able to make decisions about my skin cancer with just me and my doctor.  There was no one, anywhere who was able to make a decision about my health care – which doctor I saw, which hospital I used.  I was able to prayerfully make choices that were fairly personal (at least to me).

Probably the biggest blessing, however, was to receive prayer from a Member Advocate at Samaritan Ministries when I called to open my need (the first step in my need being shared with members of SMI).

Since May, at the direction of the ministry, a set of members have sent their monthly share to me and my family so the bills incurred in my skin cancer surgeries could be paid.

It has been a huge blessing to focus on healing, not the details of health care and to receive notes of prayer and encouragement from those members.”

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