Reduce Your Prescription Costs

Ben*, an employee of a company who joined The Health Co-Op, had $2,000 per month in maintenance prescription costs.

How could The Health Co-Op help this member? The company quickly saw that, as a small team, they were saving around $5,000 per month by switching to The Health Co-Op. They decided to pay the entire $2,000 per month cost out of these savings realizing they would still save $3,000 per month.

As soon as the company joined, The Health Co-Op began working with the affected employee and his family investigating the possibility they would qualify for a drug company program that could dramatically cut prescription costs for self-pay patients. In the process of reducing the prescription costs from $2,000 per month to $200 per month, their Health Co-Op Advisor discovered, through contact with the member’s pharmacy, the drugs in question were becoming generic in just one month. This further lowered the cost for the prescription from $2,000 to $90.

$23,000 savings provided over the next year and each subsequent year.

*Name changed to protect privacy

  • Gandalf

    How can I find out what my savings would be on this drug plan? My maintenance med is Mesalamine (2.4g) and it would be $500/month if I had to pay cash.

  • Thad Puckett

    Good Afternoon. We’d be happy to help! Please contact us at 888-670-5178 and one of our representatives can assist. Thank you!

    The Health Co-Op