Save Money on Surgeries

Jerry* was told he needed a hernia repair. The Health Co-Op’s Surgery Cost Saver program, a Health Co-Op member benefit, went to work on his behalf. We found that the cost at the hospital the surgeon suggested for the surgery would be $16,000 in addition to the surgeon’s bill. Surgery Cost Saver compared price, availability and ratings at this hospital with four other available local hospitals. The hospital with the best combined data had a specialty unit dealing with hernias, and the cost was only $2,500!

With the information gathered by Surgery Cost Saver, the member was empowered and armed with good information and metrics. Jerry could now make a choice that would save everyone money.

Jerry’s story shows how Surgery Cost Saver is a powerful member benefit allowing Health Co-Op members to save money and become more informed about their health care.

Surgery savings of $13,500.

*Name changed to protect privacy