Saving Money on Imaging: A Win-Win

Mark*, a Texas pastor, had a child needing to see a doctor for an ongoing medical issue. As a member of The Health Co-Op he knew he could chose any physician he wanted.

The doctor ordered an MRI to help with the diagnosis, and he set up Mark to take the child to a local hospital. But because Mark is becoming aware of the great differences in cost for the same procedures, he asked the doctor if he minded where they went. The doctor said ‘not at all!’ (Editor’s note: many physicians do not know what the costs of procedures are).

Mark got on the phone to the facility the doctor had first suggested, and found that the procedure was going to cost $1,200. Yes, as a member of The Health Co-Op and Samaritan Ministries he could have gone straight to that facility and had the MRI, knowing that the need would be shared by the other members.

But Mark also knew that his membership in The Health Co-Op could save the members of Samaritan Ministries on that MRI if it could be done cheaper. So, his next call was to his Advisor at The Health Co-Op.

The advisor found the same procedure just down the street from the doctor’s office at a highly reputable imaging center. The cost?…Just $450.00!

Mark believes in The Health Co-Op and Samaritan Ministries because he has seen how much he can save for health care for himself, and how being a good consumer of health care services can keep costs down for all!