Telemedicine – Saving Time and Money

I’m happy to share my experience with The Health Co-Op. I have four children (wasn’t brave enough to have a fifth!) who are very involved athletically. I was previously with a health insurance group plan and switched to The Health Co-Op about a year ago. I feel The Health Co-Op fits large families like ours better since families like ours are more likely to have some medium-to-large size healthcare need pop up each year (ie. a broken bone).

One feature of The Health Co-op that our family has loved is the unlimited access to the Telemedicine service. It has helped us avoid several visits to our local physician for routine things such as swimmer’s ear or pink eye. Using Telemedicine has been a huge cost saver…not to mention a time saver for a busy family like ours since it is virtually impossible to get into and out of a doctor in less than 3 hours!

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