Health Care Sharing by Samaritan Ministries

Different & Positive

At the core of The Health Co-Op is a different and positive way to address your medical bills through our partnership with Samaritan Ministries.  In addition, we provide services to assist you with the complexity of the healthcare market, making informed choices about your care, and saving money along the way.

Sharing Funds, Sharing Burdens

Through its partnership with Samaritan Ministries, The Health Co-Op offers an excellent alternative to health insurance. Samaritan Ministries is a Christian, nonprofit organization that has facilitated the sharing of funds between its members who have medical needs since 1994. Not only do the members share in one another’s health care needs, they also have the opportunity to encourage and pray for one another as part of the process.


Medical Needs Met 

Rather than paying premiums into an insurance company each month, with Samaritan Ministries, funds are shared member-to-member, across all 50 states in a simple and relational way. Over 200,000 people share over $16 million in medical needs with each other every month!

Choose Your Provider 

Because Samaritan Ministries and The Health Co-Op are not insurance, members can select any medical provider they wish. This means members choose their own doctor, dentist, specialist and more with no worries about networks!




Enjoy the Health Care Experience

Samaritan Ministries members are Christians who are able and willing to sign a statement of faith, who are active in their church, and who enjoy the privilege of fulfilling the Biblical directive of sharing one another’s burdens. It is easy to join and members save about 40 – 60% of the costs that are typically incurred with health insurance plans. Monthly shares are much lower than what is usually seen in insurance premiums and members have the opportunity to finally enjoy the health care experience.


Pricing & Signup FAQs