Is there an answer for my small or large group?

The Health Co-Op is a community of committed Christians who have found a way to align their Biblical faith with their health care decisions. The Health Co-Op is not only a solution for individuals, couples and families; we have customized solutions for both small and large groups.

Our small group solution satisfies the Individual Mandate of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), while our large group solution  offers 100% first-dollar coverage for preventative care and satisfies the Employer Mandate of the ACA. Components like an Health Savings Account (HSA) and prescription drug benefit may also be added based on group size.

If you’re part of a Christian business, church, non-profit or Christian school, The Health Co-Op has a full-service solution for you and your group.

Call 888-670-5178 or email and one of our expert representatives to learn more today!

“Our company is committed to financial stewardship and the well-being of our employees – two things that had become increasingly difficult to maintain with our  health insurance provider. We welcomed the opportunity to learn about The Health Co-Op, a seemingly common-sense alternative to an out-of-control system. We are thrilled with the white-glove service they provide and continue to enjoy the rational and emotional benefits of this divinely orchestrated collection of services that flip health insurance on its head.” Paul, Client Business Chief Operating Officer